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Psychic Mediumship Readings

Bonnie Ross is a gifted Psychic Medium who uses a combination of mediumship, palmistry, psychometry, medical intuition, Tarot and sheer giftedness delivers impactful messages for your highest good.

Spiritual Mentoring

If you are stuck in the “muck” of negativity in your life, not listening to your higher self and souls calling, or simply excited to step into your full potential as a spiritual being, it’s time for the “big shift”. Invest in your most important asset-you- and join Bonnie in her life changing mentorship support.

Award Winning Drum Circle Facilitator

Drumming events are designed to move you to a connection to your intuition and higher self. Drumming easily shifts you into a meditative alpha brainwave state, where all your magic and wisdom lives. Emotional healing, release and a sense of euphoria and well-being are just some of the side effects of drumming.

House Clearings and Blessings

This service is a wonderful option to consider when moving in to a new home or selling your home, or just for a lift in vibration that is so freeing. Just like a spring cleaning, we can energetically clear for a sense of well-being. Pricing varies depending on venue.

Divine Light Within



Intuition and Mediumship Development Program

Bonnie’s 4 Module Course includes an hour of group online support for each weekly module of study. Each module includes a powerful lesson and guided meditation that supports your spiritual practice and development. The “new ways of Being” homework is specifically designed to support you in trying on new ways of operating. When you choose to let go of old ways that don’t serve you, you really get what you put into these valuable strategies.

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