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About Bonnie

About Bonnie Ross

Bonnie believes that we all share the innate ability to operate on an intuitive level. As children we are open intuitively, where the veil between this world and the spirit world is very thin. As we grow up society sways us to shut down this precious part of ourselves. Bonnie was fortunate to grow up in a family where honoring her “gut feelings” was encouraged and séances and psychic readings were fun to do. Unfortunately, her family did not model the importance of energy management, grounding, clearing and protection.

As a young woman, Bonnie discovered that her psychic abilities were in bloom as she read people by simply holding their hands. She would gain accurate information on the person’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and developed a reputation as an inspirational reader. Bonnie went on to study and practice palmistry, psychometry, aura reading, and tarot card reading.

Bonnie went on to become a Child and Youth Counselor and spent 20 years in a therapeutic role as a truly gifted supporter of challenging children and families. She ploughed through her heavy caseloads with her “save the world mission”, having a deep understanding of everyone’s needs. This empathetic exchange of energy with everyone she connected with pulled her into new health challenges. Plagued with a sleeping disorder, intense muscle pain and a low level depression, Bonnie felt what she thought was burn out. By the time she reached 30, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Bonnie began to realize that with this intensive focus on service, she had abandoned the most important person-HERSELF!

This syndrome was the biggest gift Bonnie could acquire, because it forced her to take serious inventory in her life and was the catalyst that would change her life forever. Divorce, financial loss and the illness of her father were also part of her “dark night of the soul”.  Bonnie left the School Board and went back to school herself to study important lessons in healthy energetic boundaries, and did a big piece of emotional work.  Emerging from the “muck” Bonnie graduated from the Transformational Arts College with her certification in Spiritual Psychotherapy and Spiritual Director Training Programs.

Bonnie now consciously lives her pain-free life with purpose and passion as she prospers in her private practice “Divine Light Within.” She takes great pride in teaching the importance of healthy, intuitive living, while embracing your higher self and spirit’s calling. As a Spiritual Mentor, Energy Worker, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Drum Circle Facilitator and Professional Musician, Sound Practitioner, Bonnie guides many to discover their “Divine Light Within”.

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Mission Statement

Divine Light Within is truly committed to empowering, inspiring and guiding everyone to live their personal journey to their fullest potential. By healing past wounds, expanding your awareness and trusting your intuition, Divine Light Within supports you in honoring your higher self and discovering your Divine Light Within. This connection to your soul’s calling will shift your vibration to a more harmonious, creative and passionate way of life.

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Hello, I’m Psychic Medium Bonnie Ross and I am so honored to be of service to many, many people in my practice, Divine Light Within.