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Bonnie’s Music

Meditation CD: Journey To Your Divine Light Within


C.D. “Journey to Your Divine Light Within” is

designed to teach you how to work with the essential energies of the

Earth, Universal Life Force Energy and your Charkas, to clear the way

for a sense of  presence and deep connection to your higher

self. The meditative music moves you to a deep state of relaxation,

bringing the charkas musical notes and elemental sounds to balance and

open you to your spirits calling. The answers to life’s

questions live within you when you go within to truly listen. Take the

journey and reclaim your innate ability as a spiritual being and

heighten your vibration to the wonderful realms of healing and truth.

Meditation CD:  NOW AVAILABLE for purchase!
$20 plus $5.00 shipping.


and produced by Daryl Thistel and Bonnie Ross of Divine Music


pixel - Bonnie's Music

pixel - Bonnie's Music

Shine  Bonnie Ross – “Shine” Official Music Video  Click the link to watch the Video

The song “Shine” is one of many divinely inspired songs that seemed to move quickly through us with the hopeful message “It’s not too late to change the world”. It just starts with one person shining with compassion and love, to hold this vibration that creates a powerful ripple that is shifting the world into peace and harmony. Bonnie chose to include the anonymous youth in the video to “Shine” with their talents in the arts and knows how the arts shifted her own life into one of inspiration. Bonnie invites everyone to find their true passions. Her favorite quote by Wayne Dyer is “Don’t die with the music still in you”.



Divine Music Productions

As professional musicians, Bonnie has a Divine partnership with her husband Daryl in their professional recording studio. Together they channel, produce and record inspirational songs and guided meditation cds to enhance your spiritual journey.  Stay tuned as Bonnie, the author of her forth-coming soul expanding book   which includes an album of spiritually uplifting songs, guided meditative journeys and more, prepares to wow you with transformational healing tools!




Bonnie Ross

“Shine” Official Music Video

Bonnie Ross – “Shine” Official Music Video