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DateFeb 7, 2017 - Dec 31, 2021
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Intuition and Mediumship Development Program –

Spiritual Director, Bonnie teaches a transformational program that brings you to new vibrational heights and awareness. In this life-changing course of experiential work, you will learn to have a true connection to your wisest and highest self and your divine support system of loved ones, guides and angels. You will feel more balanced, grounded and relaxed as you learn to trust your own intuition. You will learn to listen to your body for optimal health and emotional well-being. As you raise your vibration you will be sending out a new light that links to the intelligent universe, spiritually enlightened people and opportunities.  Bonnie has been teaching this very successful and popular program for 10 years and is excited to bring you her online course opportunity to take advantage of. Time is of the essence, and it seems as though time flies even faster in our incredibly busy lives. Make time to invest in your number one priority-YOU!  The rest of your life will flow with a new sense of ease as you develop crucial skills to stay anchored, passionate and empowered in your life.

Bonnie’s 4 Module Course includes an hour of group online support for each weekly module of study. Each module includes a powerful lesson and guided meditation that supports your spiritual practice and development. The “new ways of Being” homework is specifically designed to support you in trying on new ways of operating. When you choose to let go of old ways that don’t serve you, you really get what you put into these valuable strategies.

This package also includes Bonnie’s meditation cd, “Journey To Your Divine Light Within” an amazing tool that teaches you how to work with the essential energies of the earth, universal life force energy and human energy-your chakras. Awareness and management of these energies clears the way for a sense of presence and an anchoring union with your intuitive, higher self. This Divine meditative music moves you to a deep state of relaxation, bringing the chakra’s musical notes and elemental sounds to balance and open you to your spirit’s calling.

Program Value Only $275

Program + Mentorship Package only $650

Want to really intensify this learning experience? Join Bonnie in her special Mentorship Package which gives you 4 weekly one hour sessions with Bonnie on a one to one basis at incredible savings. You can work with Bonnie in person or on the phone. Course + mentoring is only $650. Bonnie’s mentorship fee is typically $150 per hour, and with this package the fee is reduced to $94 per hour.


$275 for Online Course

$650 for Online Course with 1-hour weekly session with Bonnie ($875 value)


Online Video Script Introduction with original song “I Am” playing in background (send)

Module #1

A Deeper Connection to Your Intuition Through Your Chakras

Want to feel balanced, grounded, relaxed and in the flow of trust with your intuition? Learn how to listen to your body and raise your vibration for optimal health and connection to your highest, wisest self. Learn how to command your energy system, Universal White Light and Earth energy to bridge consistently with the world of Spirit, wisdom and healing.

Includes Course material, Journey to Your Divine Light Within Meditation Cd (send to Marina)-to be included in online course and sold separately.

Spiritual Practice Homework:


Module #2

Honoring Your Higher Self And Personal Empowerment

The answers to life’s questions live inside of you! When you live in a higher state of conscious awareness you link to the very wise part of self that is whole and unbroken. You can develop a spiritual practice that honors and embraces your innate and incredible potential as a spiritual being.

Includes Course Material:  Meet your Higher Self Meditation (send to Marina)

Spiritual Practice Homework:

Module #3

Awaken To The Present And Connect To Your Divine Light Within

Doing our emotional work, recognizing your limiting beliefs and re-affirming your gifts, transcends your ego and raises your energy field. Learn how to step out of anxiety and fear as you practice mindfulness and stay connected to the current of high vibration. This is where your higher self resides, and where all the creative magic flows for you. These crucial new ways of operating will shift your life incredibly to one of inspiration, confidence and intuitive living.

Includes Course Material: Connection to “Presence”, Inner Awareness and Bliss Meditation

Spiritual Practice Homework:


Module #4

Welcome To The World Of Spirit, Your Divine Support System

Link to your Divine Support System for inspiration and guidance with ease and confidence. Learn how to invoke Guides and Angels for a supportive alliance as you discover your path of potential. Listen deeply to the direction of the highest vibrational beings and loved ones who want to move you to embrace your passions and gifts.

Meet Your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones in Spirit Meditation

Spiritual Practice Homework:

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Section 2Module 2
Section 3Module 3
Section 4Module 4
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