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22 Mar 2016

Music Box Plays Again

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I ran my successful practice Divine Light Within for 12 years in our Brampton home. My home classroom was charged with a super current of high vibrational energy as I conducted many readings, meditation and drumming groups in the room. Group energy is very powerful and over time can open an amazing portal of energy as we invoked only the highest of spiritual energies. As a result, clients got to witness physical manifestations, as spirit would announce its presence through my wind up music box. We loved to feel the presence of high vibrational energy which was often confirmed by the chiming of the box. Since our move to the new home, the music box hasn’t played, accept till today, my grandmother’s birthday. She was born in 1899 and lived for 84 years.  I connect with her often from spirit and she approves of the new place. Here’s to creating another magical vortex in our new home.

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