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22 Mar 2016

No Eye-Contact Neighbours

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Moving is very stressful and sometimes downright traumatic. After our conditional offer was placed on the new home, I had concerns about the hydro towers that were not far from us. Googling frantically about the harmful effects of radiation and getting a ton of mixed messages, I decided to go and measure the energy for myself. I have an electromagnetic sensor that measures dirty energy and paranormal activity, so went out to try and calm my anxiety. I found that the energy dropped off considerably and was non -existent around my to-be house. The thing is, my to-be-new neighbour spotted me lurking around the house while holding a strange device that looks somewhat like an early 80’s cell phone. You see when anxiety goes up, intellect goes down, as I held the meter to my ear pretending I was talking on the phone. The neighbour quickly slipped into the house, so I quickly slipped into the car and took off. We have been here 3 months now, and she still won’t give me eye contact. Can’t understand why, lol!

Could also be that on move in day, we let the dogs in the yard, not thinking that there was a whole family of baby bunnies living in the bushes by the house. My blood curdling screams and profane language may have been a turn off to the neighbours as I discovered bunnies scattered in the grass. I really hate this part of doggy ownership. I did have a proper burial and service, may the bunnies rest in peace!

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