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22 Mar 2016

Victorian Village

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Some of my students know of my obsession with being part of a Victorian village and the beautiful dresses of that era. I have spent many summers as a visiting Medium down in Lilly Dale N.Y., the largest Victorian and Spiritualist community in the world, feeling drawn to the community, but at the same time resisting the opportunity to buy into this culture and root down there. As I listened to my highest self, I knew I was moving to a new community and close to my new grandson and family. We tried desperately with no luck to purchase a home in Burlington, so I took it as a sign to drive up the hill and into the escarpment. The hair on my arms stood up and my heart screamed out “yes, this is it!”  The sign ahead read, Welcome to the Victorian Village of Waterdown! We got the first house we looked at and now I am immersing myself in this community steeped with a rich history and beauty. Let the adventure begin!

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