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22 Mar 2016

Waiting for Mr. Brown

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I refer to my 11 year old border collie Charlie as “Mr. Brown” as he embodies a human-like personality. His instinctual and intuitive abilities can span beyond human capabilities with this sense of knowing and wisdom that astonishes me daily. He knows who the trusting people are, knows when a storm is brewing, paces by the door 15 minutes before I arrive home and can smell a rabbit from miles away. I walk every day in nature, and Mr. Brown as the natural border collie he is, circles around me off leash, covering 5 km for my every 1. He always checks in with me and then goes off again on his adventures. This gives me the gift of time to just sit and “be”, somewhere in a piece of beautiful green space. As a daily spiritual practice I open to nature which speaks to me very clearly. I set my intention to expect messages to appear in some form and they always do. Whether it’s the birds that swoop around me and looking into my soul, the deer that leaps across my path, the bumble bee that hovers close to me, or the stone I find with a compelling image in it, I listen deeply to the meaning they hold in my personal journey of growth. Today Mr. Brown came to check in with me from his adventure covered in burrs and with a daisy stuck in his collar! I just love this stuff! You see my Aunt Daisy who crossed over in 2001, consistently shows up in the form of a daisy to let me know she is near. Tomorrow is the anniversary of her passing.


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